General Information


The practice rooms are located in the same building as Walter Hall.

To book, please write to Each participant can book one hour the day before the performance and half an hour the day of the performance.

To find out your studio number, please contact Walter Hall. Volunteers will show you the way.


Here is a list of hotels in Toronto. Please note that no agreement has been made with any of these hotels, we have listed the existing hotels for you.


The list of collaborative pianists for 2023 coming soon.

Here is the list of collaborative pianists who are available for the National Final of 2022. According to the rules, candidates are responsible for all fees related to collaborative pianists.

The collaborative pianists proposed below are available all dates of the National Final and accompany all instruments, unless otherwise noted in parentheses.

Prices range from $60 to $120 per hour
Recording of rehearsals is permitted ONLY with the permission of the collaborative pianists. No recordings of these rehearsals may be circulated on the internet.

A first payment (50% of the total price) is required by the collaborative pianists upon confirmation of the accompaniment. The second payment is due to the collaborative pianists at the time of the final performance.

Pianists outside Toronto

Jean Desmarais: 819-318-0911; (Available from June 14th)

Tristan Longval Gagné: 819-342-5745;

Serhiy Salov: 438-403-1789;

Pianists inside Toronto

Younggun Kim:


Ben Smith:

Todd Yanis:

Isaac Seo:

Jacqueline Leung:


We are pleased to announce that the Canimex-CMC 2023 edition of the National Final will be held in Toronto next June. More details will come soon.