CBC’s Piano Hero: Louisa Lu in the Race

[Traduction française non disponible]

Recently a local piano student has stepped forward to enter into a Canada wide Classical Music event. Louisa Lu, a multi-time CMC National Finalist from Edmonton, Alberta is participating in CBC’s piano competition, “Piano Hero”. The first part of the competition requires public voting, so we are looking for supporters to please come forward and cast their vote for her.

You can vote every 20 hours, so keep clicking that Vote button every 20 hours please and share it with whoever you can! Teachers, students, and parents. Every vote counts! We hope that by using every possible social media outlet (Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc….) we will be able to spread enough coverage to bring about the much needed support for such a talented young local musician. Let’s do our part in keeping the Canadian classical community alive!

Nouvelle rédigée le dimanche 18 janvier 2015