Stepping Stone 2019 / Contestants

Historical Information

The information contained on this page is related to an older edition of the competition. It is made available for archival purposes only. For the most current information, please go to Stepping Stone 2020.

  • Vivian Chen
    Piano, Ottawa, ON
  • Matthew Christakos
    Cello, Philadelphia, PA
  • Mari Coetzee
    Cello, Calgary, AB
  • Kendra Dyck
    Soprano, Campden, ON
  • Rena Far
    Violin, Calgary, AB
  • Chinley Hinacay
    Saxophone, Calgary, AB
  • Dane Ko
    Piano, Mississauga, ON
  • Nicole Linaksita
    Piano, North Vancouver, BC
  • Emma Meinrenken
    Violin, Toronto, ON
  • Christine Ngai
    Piano, Montréal, Qc
  • Connor O'Kane
    Piano, Kitchener, ON
  • Isabella D'Éloize Perron
    Violin, Montréal, Qc
  • Sarah Velasco
    Violin, North York, ON
  • Qi Rui (Richard) Zheng
    Violin, Montréal, Qc