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The CMC Great National Audition is here

It’s underway!

The National Audition of the Canadian Music Competition-Canimex has officially begun in Vancouver, BC on April 3rd 2017.

A love of classical music is shared by the many young talents aged 7 to 25 (30 for voice) who embark on this 59th edition of the CMC. Day in and day out, with the support and expertise of their teachers, these musical athletes have been refining their repertoire, technique and musicality in order to reach new heights in their musical development.

Candidates from all age and instrument categories, from British Columbia to Nova Scotia, will present the fruit of their labor, at home, in front of the National Audition's jury. They will have the opportunity to meet their peers, receive valuable feedback and, for some, the possibility to advance to the National Final. We hope that all participants in the competition are made even stronger by the experience and by their contact with the judges, and leave equipped with new tools to help them reach the goals they have set for themselves.

To all candidates, jury members, teachers, parents, and all our volunteers, we wish you an excellent 2017 Competition!

News posted Wednesday, April 12, 2017