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Glitter, Jewels and Music — The CMC at Birks: “Magical!”

The Canadian Music Competition (CMC) held its annual fundraising event on Wednesday, May 18, at the prestigious Birks Jewellery store in downtown Montréal. The evening took place under the Honorary Presidency of Caroline Beaudoin, Director of Operations and Financial Information at the Fonds de solidarité FTQ. Attended by over 150 people, largely from the business community, the event and silent auction raised more than $55,000.

“A magical evening!” declared Yolande Cardinal, Board President of the CMC. “Everyone was truly enchanted by the sumptuous surroundings, the gourmet hors d’œuvres prepared by Birks Café master chef Jérôme Ferrer, and the high artistic level of the mini-recitals given by pianist Daniel Clarke Bouchard, violinist Ladusa Chang Ou, cellist Agnès Langlois, and flutist Alex Héon-Goulet, all past winners of the CMC. I would also like to sincerely thank Birks Jewellers, our partners, our donors, those who generously bid, and everyone who attended. This celebration was a success because of all of you!”


  1. Yolande Cardinal and Daniel Clarke Bouchard.
  2. Nicole Madore, winner of the Birks pendant, with Isabelle Cartier.
  3. First row, the musicians: Alex Héon-Goulet, Daniel Clarke Bouchard, Agnès Langlois, Ladusa Chang. Second row: Yolande Cardinal, President, Caroline Beaudoin, Honorary President, Julie Lebel, Executive Director.
  4. Birks signature boxes containing the keys to the treasure chest.
News posted Wednesday, June 29, 2011