The Canadian Music Competition is a national organization working in the field of classical music with the goal of supporting and encouraging young Canadian performers. Through its work, the organization encourages musicians to surpass themselves, cultivate discipline and perseverance, sharpen their critical sense and discernment, develop their artistic personality, and grow as performers and human beings. The idea for the Canadian Music Competition initially took shape in 1958 in Montréal. Since then, 14 chapters have been set up to cover all of Canada. The same spirit that drove the founders is still alive today in all the volunteers involved with the Canadian Music Competition. They are the pillars of the organization and supply the energy needed for the competition to pursue its objectives.

Since its creation in 1958, the Canadian Music Competition has been witness to an ongoing stream of thousands of young musicians, among them, some of the greatest names on the national and international scene today, including Marc-André Hamelin, Chantal Juillet, Louis Lortie, Martin Beaver, Marie-Nicole Lemieux, André Laplante, Gwen Hoebig, Richard Raymond, Susan Hoeppner, Stéphane Lemelin, Robert Silverman, Angela Cheng, Boris Brott, Anne-Marie Dubois, Jacques Hétu, Desmond Hoebig, Denis Brott, Angela Hewitt, Janina Fialkowska, Glen Montgomery, James Ehnes, etc.

To meet its objectives, the Canadian Music Competition established two different programs: the Canadian Music Competition itself and the Stepping Stone.