Frequently Asked Questions

How will the 2021 Edition take place?

The Canimex CMC had to deal with extraordinary challenges in order to maintain its presence among young musicians, and ensure the security of everyone involved. The 2021 Edition reflects the organizers aim of eliminating any bias that could compromise the participants’ equal chances winning a specific place, a scholarship, or a prize. With this in mind, it was determined that access to performance halls was the key factor in creating equal conditions that would allow for the retention of the competitive aspect in an equitable manner. If this criterion is met, the National Audition will unfold in person as follows:

  • There will be only one round across the country: the National Audition;
  • Three local judges will be present in each city, while the two permanent judges will evaluate the performances remotely;
  • The National Audition will occur behind closed doors in each chapter;
  • The auditions will take place in late April and May
  • The National Final and Gala Concert will not take place.

If access to performance halls—a key criteria in ensuring fairness for all of our participants—is compromised, the 2021 competitive edition will be transformed into a non-competitive edition. This replacement solution may be applied to an instrument category, a region, or to all candidates, depending on how the pandemic progresses.

Is the registration process the same as previous years?

Candidates are being asked to submit digital versions of their registration forms and all necessary documents, including scores, to a single site: the Acceptd platform.

I transferred my registration fees from 2020 to 2021, what do I do?

Candidates who were registered in the 2020 edition had the option to transfer their registration fees to 2021. If this situation applies to you, you can indicate this in your registration form. We will contact you to confirm the transfer of fees.

In 2020 I was registered in the last age category. Can I register again this year?

Candidates who were registered in 2020 having attained the age limit to participate (25 years old — 30 for voice) may exceptionally register in 2021. They must register in the category 25 years or 30 for voice.

What are the repertoire requirements for the 2021 edition?

Given the special nature of the 2021 edition, repertoire requirements have been revised and adapted in order to maintain the Competition’s pedagogical objectives: respecting the level of difficulty normally required during a round, maintaining a requirement that is common to the majority of instrument categories, and minimizing changes to repertoire requirements.

What is included in the $500 contribution when I register?

The organisation of a competition with the span of the CMC generates high costs which largely surpass the registration fees and can reach up to $1,200 per candidate. This is why we appeal to your generosity. The amount of $500 includes the registration fees ($300) and a suggested donation of $200 (at the discretion of the candidate) for which an income tax receipt will be issued by the Competition. Your donation is an inestimable support.

While considering that the “donation” part is optional, such contribution guarantees appropriate funding for the National Organization, allowing the CMC to grow and develop. Remember that the CMC does not receive any grants from the federal government or the provincial government. The CMC returns year after year exclusively with the help of its donors and sponsors.

A number of chapters offer financial support to encourage the participation of candidates in their region. Chapters contribute to the exposure of the candidates in their region and on a nation-wide basis by providing scholarships. For more information regarding financial assistance, contact your chapter representative

What happens if I am required to isolate during my audition date? Can I get a refund?

Each candidate must follow specific public health measures in their own region. Should the candidate be unable to perform on his/her scheduled audition date in keeping with public health directives, a doctor’s note will be requested in order to consider processing a refund (see rule 3.3).

I am not interested in participating if the Competition is moved online and becomes non-competitive. If this occurs, can I get a refund?

Given that the CMC team has no control over the evolution of the pandemic and that organizing an event of this scale requires considerable preparation time, no refund requests received after February 18, 2021 that are not provided for in the Competition rules will be accepted. Candidates registered for the Competition who have not confirmed their intention to step down before the deadline accept that the 2021 edition may potentially be transformed into a non-competitive edition if sanitary conditions warrant it and they will not be reimbursed.


Will scholarships and prizes be awarded this year?

Grand prizes will be attributed in each of the grand age categories: 7-10 years old, 11-14 years old, 15-18 years old, and 19-25 years old—up to 30 years old for Voice. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places will be attributed in each of the age and instrument categories, in accordance with the rules in effect. Depending on the funding available, prizes and scholarships will be awarded to candidates who distinguish themselves.

If the Competition is transformed into a non-competitive edition, a 5-member committee will evaluate the performances and, without assigning a score or ranking, vote for their favourite. No prizes nor scholarships will be given during the non-competitive edition as the attribution is on the condition of a competitive, in-person edition (rule 10.2)

I need financial assistance, who should I contact?

Candidates must address financial assistance needs to the representative of their chapter. Each chapter or province is entirely autonomous regarding its financial assistance policy (rule 10.1). You will find contact information on our website by selecting your chapter, then clicking on “My chapter” and then “Contact Us”. A letter written by the instrument teacher regarding the candidate’s financial situation may be requested.

I got a very high mark during the Provincial Final. Will I receive a scholarship?

Following the National Audition, scholarships will be awarded at the discretion of the regional chapters and provincial committees which are entirely autonomous in the distribution of scholarships (rule 10.1).

National scholarships are attributed on the condition of a competitive, in-person edition based on the results obtained during the National Audition. Candidates are divided into four age groups, all instruments combined, and scholarships are attributed in accordance with the highest marks obtained in each of these groups: 7-10 years, 11-14 years, 15-18 years, and 19-25 years (30 years for voice).

Why was I not awarded a National Audition scholarship even if I came in 1st place in my category?

During the National Audition, candidates are divided into four age groups, all instruments combined: 7 to 10 years, 11 to 14 years, 15 to 18 years, and 19 to 25 years (30 years for voice). Scholarships are awarded based on the highest mark in each of these groups. Candidates do not receive scholarships based on their place in their category (rule 10.2).

When will I know if I obtained a scholarship?

Scholarships are attributed and given in the fall, following the current competition. Scholarship winners are contacted at that time.

Competition procedure

What about sanitary protocols? Will the piano be cleaned in between each participant?

The CMC’s action protocol includes strict sanitary measures elaborated on the guidelines set in place by local health authorities, as well as by each venue. The CMC has planned for more time in between performances in order to…

  • Clean and disinfect the facilities;
  • Clean the frequently touches surfaces (tables, counters, doorknobs, technological accessories, etc.);
  • Clean the musical instruments, tools and equipment used by the candidates and/or their family, the judges, volunteers or the technicians.

Using the appropriate cleaning and disinfecting products.

How will the auditions take place given the public health measures?

The National Auditions will take place in performance halls as a closed-door activity, at the end of April and in May of 2021. The exact dates will be confirmed after the registration period.

This year, in order to avoid crowding, candidates will be called to their auditions at specific times. They will be responsible for arriving at their specified time, thereby avoiding any contact with other candidates and respecting public health regulations. Candidates who fail to comply with this directive may be disqualified.

No practice studios will be available at the audition sites.

What will happen if an adjudicator is unable to participate in the National Audition?

If a judge is unable to participate in the National Audition, the CMC has foreseen measures to replace judges rapidly or, alternatively, to adjudicate the auditions remotely.

If the auditions of a grand age category have already begun and the CMC is not in a position to replace the judge or the latter is not in a state to adjudicate the candidates remotely, the CMC may decide to exclude their marks in the final mark’s calculation.

When will I be contacted by the Competition?

Following your registration, you will receive an email confirming that your registration is completed. You will also receive, at a later time, the invoice for your registration fees. For those who wish to do so, you will have the opportunity to print your registration form or to save it before submitting the form. Please note that you can consult this information at anytime on your Acceptd account. The National Office may contact candidates with any questions regarding their registration. As most communications are sent by email, be sure to provide a valid email address.


Who do I have to notify if I have to cancel my registration?

Please notify the National Office by email ( as well as your chapter’s representative (rule 12).


When will the National Audition tour schedule be official?

The schedule will be available after February 18th, 2021. The National Audition will take place at the end of April and during the month of May. Once the schedule is revealed, you may consult it directly by connecting to your Acceptd account. Candidates who wish to withdraw their participation and receive a refund must do so by the .


Do I have to memorize all the pieces I will present?

Memorization rules vary according to the instrument, the piece and the round. Please refer to (rule 5.7) for additional information.

Copies of scores

How do I submit my scores?

This year, the CMC is innovating and simplifying the registration process by starting a green shift. Candidates are invited to submit their registration form, as well as all necessary documents -- including scores -- in a digital format, in one spot: on the platform Acceptd. Please refer to (rule 8.1) for additional information.

Why do I have to write the bar numbers?

Candidates must write the bar numbers at the beginning of each line to facilitate the adjudicators’ work and to allow them to be more specific in their comments (rule 8.2).

Collaborative pianists

Does the CMC provide services of a collaborative pianist?

No, each participant has to hire his or her own collaborative pianist. A list of suggested pianists will be displayed on the CMC website.

What if my collaborative pianist is sick on the day of my audition?

Accompanists must follow the public health guidelines set in place by local authorities. You may contact the National office and/or your Chapter’s president who, without guarantee, may help you enter into contact with a collaborative pianist. As mentioned in the rules of the CMC, candidates are responsible for the fees and management related to the hiring of a collaborative pianist (rule 11.1)


Can I make changes to my repertoire after the registration deadline?

Yes, you can submit changes to your repertoire until the repertoire modification deadline, i.e. . Please refer to rule 5.10 for additional information.

Can I change the performance order of my pieces?

The performance order is determined upon registration, by the order in which pieces are registered. Exceptionally, the candidates will be able to request a change in the performance order before by writing to

I did not have the opportunity to play all my pieces last year. Can I use the same repertoire this year?

Pieces that were not played previously can be submitted again; for example, repertoire that was submitted by a candidate for a round for which he or she did not qualify. However, if a piece was performed but the candidate was disqualified, this piece cannot be submitted again. Candidates registered in the 2021 edition who participated in the 2020 Non-competitive edition are allowed to reuse their repertoire from 2020. Please refer to rule 5.1 for additional information.

Is there a minimum length of time I must reach when I perform for each round?

No, there is no minimum length of time. Moreover, it is not mandatory to reach the maximum time limit.

Do I have to play the repeats?

No, repeats are not mandatory. Repeats are permitted, if the maximum time limit is respected (rule 5.5).

Do I have to play the cadenzas?

Yes, cadenzas are mandatory. If you intend to play a cadenza that is not featured in an official edition, you must obtain approval from the National Office first (rule 5.6).


How will I be evaluated?

Three local judges will be present in the hall and will thus evaluate each candidate’s performance. The two permanent judges will adjudicate from a distance. All candidates will be evaluated within his or her grand age category (7-10 years old, 11-14 years old, 15-18 years old, 19-25 years old —up to 30 years old for voice). If access to performance halls—a key criteria in ensuring fairness for all of our participants—is compromised, the 2021 competitive edition will be transformed into a non-competitive edition. A 5-member committee will evaluate the performances and, without assigning a score or ranking, vote for their favourite.

How is my mark calculated?

National Audition: Each participant is heard by five adjudicators. Each adjudicator gives an individual mark for each piece. The average given by each judge is out of 20, to give a final score out of 100.

When will I get my results and comments?

The announcement of the results for each of the grand age categories will take place virtually, once the judges have completed their evaluation of all candidates. The format of these meetings is at the discretion of the CMC.

Will I be able to meet with the adjudicators?

Candidates must not communicate with the judges before the results announcements (see rule 6.6). After these announcements, candidates will be invited to virtual meetings with the judges. The format of these meetings is at the discretion of the CMC.

What is the difference between a winner and a Grand Prize winner of the CMC?

Candidates register to compete in the CMC in categories reflecting both their age and instrument category (for example, the piano 13 year old category). During the National Audition, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places are awarded to the candidates who received the highest marks in each of these categories according to rule 9.2. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place recipients are considered the winners of their respective categories. The marks from all of the candidates in all of the categories are then pooled, and the candidate with the highest score in each of four age groups — 7 to 10 years, 11 to 14 years, 15 to 18 years and 19 to 30 years — is named the Grand Prize winner for that age group.

My teacher will be adjudicating for the CMC; is this a conflict of interest?

If a candidate is the student of one of the adjudicators, the teacher must report this situation to the National Office before the candidate’s evaluation. The teacher will still be able to evaluate and write comments to the candidate but his or her mark will not be added for this round.