Canadian Music Competition 2018 / Repertoire Requirements / Strings / 25 years old

Historical Information

The information contained on this page is related to an older edition of the competition. It is made available for archival purposes only. For the most current information, please go to Canadian Music Competition 2020.

General directives

Candidates registered for any Strings category between 16 and 25 years old must include in their entire musical program works from three out of five of the following periods: baroque, classical, romantic, modern and contemporary. The etude (or caprice) is considered as representative of a period.

The musical program of the first round must include contrasting works and movements so that the candidate’s musicality can be heard in various tempi (slow and fast).

Notice: Your repertoire list must comply with the “Repertoire Guidelines”, as specified in the rules.

National Audition

  1. Two caprices or etudes chosen from the list of etudes and caprices.
  2. J.S. Bach: One movement of a work for solo instrument.
  3. One sonata or one concerto from the classical period.
  4. One work or a group of movements or one movement of your choice.

Maximum time: 55 minutes

National Final

  1. One work with orchestra.

No time limit