Stepping Stone 2020

In the present context, during which the Government of Quebec has requested the cancellation of all indoor and outdoor festivals and cultural events scheduled to take place in Quebec over the period extending until August 31, 2020, the Canimex Canadian Music Competition is being transformed into a “non-competitive” event (not open to the public).

The Stepping Stone and Gala Concert scheduled to take place in Quebec City are cancelled.

All candidates registered in 2020 will be invited to submit a video recording consisting of one or more works chosen from the previously submitted repertoire.

The members of the evaluation committee will provide comments in writing—without a score or ranking—and take part in virtual meetings with the participants. This is an educational opportunity for all young musicians in Canada. The committee members will also vote for their favourites—for a total of 16 favourites—from each of the four Canadian regions (Pacific, Prairies, Ontario, and Quebec-Maritimes) in each of the Competition’s major categories of age.

We once again thank all of our volunteers, sponsors, families, teachers, and candidates for their invaluable collaboration during this unprecedented situation.

Deadlines: Stepping Stone 2020

  • 2019
    Registration and submission of required material
  • 2020
    Repertoire changes
  • Cancellation with reimbursement

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