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Registration 2018

Hello to competitors from Southern Alberta registering to compete in Calgary.

In 2018 we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of CMC with some special events in conjunction with the Competition.

You may have already visited the Canadian Music Competition’s Web Site for the 2018 registration period!

You will find that the registration fees, suggested donation and procedures to follow are similar to 2017. There continues to be financial assistance available to competitors as outline below.

Registration Dates

Registration is open from October 2nd to November 13th this year.

National Audition

The National Audition will be held starting on April 9, 2018 at Scarborough United Church in front of five judges. Candidates receiving an 87% or more score will move on to the National Final held in Montréal starting the middle of June 2018. There is no longer any Provincial Final.

Registration Fee

Your on line registration form for this year indicates that required fees for 2018 are $300 with a suggested donation of $200 added, making a total of $500. These fees have been standardized for all competitors across Canada and are the same as for 2017. They still only cover about half the per candidate costs of running the competition. All other costs are being covered by fundraising at the local and National levels of CMC. You will not be asked to pay any additional deposit, and all candidates, regardless of financial ability, will be entitled to receive a travel bursary to assist with the costs of attending the National Finals in Montréal if they qualify.

On top of helping the Canadian Music Competition reach its objectives, you will receive, thanks to the $200 voluntary donation, a Federal and Provincial tax credit when you file your 2017 tax return.

Although many families believe in the value of CMC and are able to afford the fee and the donation, we recognize that there may be some for which this creates some financial hardship and may cause them to not enter CMC this year. We appreciate the families who can afford the fee and the donation as it allows us to better help the less fortunate who require assistance in order to be able to compete. To help those competitors, the Calgary Chapter is offering a limited amount of financial assistance for those who can demonstrate need. If these competitors contact the local CMC Treasurer at the e-mail address below, they will be e-mailed back simple guidelines and procedures to follow to apply for financial assistance. It is intended that evaluation and approval be performed quickly and that a maximum of $300 of financial assistance be provided to approved candidates before the end of November, effectively reimbursing their registration fee. This money will be paid directly to them through Casino proceeds raised by the Calgary Chapter. This financial help will be given directly to the candidate by the Calgary chapter, by the end of November, once their registration, donation and payment are confirmed by the National Office.

Please note the registration dates shown above. You must be registered by the deadline, submit your request for assistance and be approved before any financial assistance can be paid. The Calgary Chapter wishes that as many families as possible benefit from the donation’s tax advantages and consider whether they need the financial assistance available.

The new format for the National Auditions initiated for 2017, eliminating the Provincial round, has received widespread acceptance amongst both competitors and teachers, with reduced travel and scheduling issues and also allowing some cost savings in running a more efficient competition.

Alternating instruments

For the 2018 year all eligible instruments are welcome to enter in celebration of the 60th anniversary of CMC.

If you require more information about the Competition for 2018 please refer to the National Website.

If you are interested in applying for financial assistance towards your 2018 registration, please contact the Calgary Treasurer, Peter Lundy, directly by e-mail at and he will send back procedures to follow.

News posted Monday, October 16, 2017