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Support from the Canadian Music Competition (CMC) to the MRU Conservatory

The Canadian Music Competition (CMC) was astonished and dismayed to learn of Mount Royal University’s decision to dismiss Mr. John Kadz and abolish Mr. Bill van der Sloot’s position.

The MRU Conservatory is a long-time partner of the CMC — Calgary Chapter, host of many editions of the regional rounds over the years. The Calgary Chapter is the third largest CMC chapter in all of Canada. Over twenty MRU professors signed up their students for the Competition in 2016, and several of them—including Ms. Johanne Perron, who is also President of the CMC — Calgary Chapter—also sat on CMC juries. Of the 85 participants from Calgary this year, thirty-two MRU students qualified in the National Final. We would like to acknowledge the tangible contribution that Mr. John Kadz—an active member of the CMC — Calgary Chapter—has made to the development of classical music in Canada.

The CMC would also like to express its support for professors John Kadz and Bill van der Sloot, as well as for the initiators of the petition addressed to the Members of the Board of Governors of Mount Royal University (MRU). The CMC hopes that MRU will reconsider its decision. Scaling back the involvement of an establishment like the MRU Conservatory, which is dedicated to excellence and to musical education, is not simply a step back in training for performers from Alberta but for all partners in the Canadian cultural community, of which the CMC is a part.

News posted Tuesday, September 13, 2016