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Jeanne-Amièle D.S Lusignan and Helen Pei: 19-30 Years Grand Prize Winners

Congratulations to Jeanne-Amièle D.S. Lusignan and Helen Pei, who were named the 2015 Grand Prize winners of the 19-30 years age group. Both pianists received a mark of 95 percent for their exceptional performances during the National Final round of the 2015 Canadian Music Competition (CMC).

The Grand Prize winner is the participant with the highest mark in his/her overall age category, regardless of instrument.

From Montréal, QC, Jeanne-Amièle participated in the piano - 25 year-old category while Helen Pei, from Richmond, BC, participated in the piano - 21 year-old category.

Congratulations to all the National Finalists in the 19-30 years age group for their tremendous efforts and perseverance!

Detailed results for this age group are now available online.

The CMC National Final continues through July 3 in Vancouver. The results of the 15-18, 11-14 and 7-10 years age groups will be announced during the next two weeks. Check the CMC website for details.

News posted Tuesday, June 23, 2015
  • Jeanne-Amièle D.S Lusignan and Helen Pei, 19-30 years Grand Prize winners