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Lovely Evening at La Maison Pianos Bolduc

Music lovers gathered on February 11, 2015, at La Maison Pianos Bolduc for a private benefit concert featuring remarkable violinist Andrew Wan, OSM concertmaster, and up-and-coming pianist Meagan Milatz. The duo performed works by Beethoven, in tribute to the legendary composer: Romance No. 1, Op. 40 in G major, Sonata Op. 30, No. 1 in A major and Sonata Op. 96 in G major.

Organized by Pianos Bolduc, the evening was a great success, musically and financially, raising close to $5,000 for the Canadian Music Competition. Our most sincere thanks to Andrew Wan, Meagan Milatz and of course Pianos Bolduc for their great generosity!

News posted Monday, March 23, 2015