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Mr. Charles A. Roberge, President of the Fondation Populaire Mauricie, Rébecca Marois, Jean-Luc Therrien, Marilyn Dion, Zoé Descôteaux, Fannie Payette-Cossette, Camille St-Pierre, Juliette Leclerc, Jocelyn Lafond, Ms. Johanne Hinse, Cogeco Cable Québec representant, giving a $1000 scholarship to Ludovik Lesage-Hinse, 2013 laureate. Absent from the picture: Lisa-Sunyang Trottier, Marc-André Riberdy, Emy Marcoux and Wilhem Magner

Scholarship ceremony in Trois-Rivières

The Mauricie et Centre-du-Québec Chapter held its annual scholarship ceremony in Trois-Rivières on June 13, to honour the thirteen 2013 recipients. Congratulations to all of them!

Seven of the nine National Finalists offered a short recital on that evening: Rébecca Marois (piano), Jean-Luc Therrien (piano), Fannie Payette Cossette (trumpet), Camille St-Pierre (cello), Juliette Leclerc (cello), Jocelyn Lafond (organ) and Ludovik Lesage-Hinse (saxophone), 2013 laureate of the Mauricie et Centre-du-Québec Chapter.

Lisa-Sunyang Trottier (piano) and Marc-André Riberdy (cello) could unfortunately not be present.

The other scholarship recipients were:

  • Marilyn Dion, French horn
  • Emy Marcoux, piano
  • Zoé Descôteaux, piano
  • Wilhem Magner, violin
News posted Wednesday, June 26, 2013