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Young Violinist Kerson Leong to compete in the 2010 Menuhin Competition

Kerson Leong

The CMC is particularly proud to announce that young Ottawa violinist Kerson Leong, winner of the 2009 CMC Grand Prix in the 11 to 14 years age category, has been chosen to compete in the Menuhin Competition of the Leading International Competition for Young Violinists. This important competition will take place in Oslo, Norway, in April of 2010. Kerson Leong just turned 13 years old.

Without question the most surprising of the four winners we heard was Kerson Leong because of his youth and fragility; …with eyes closed, one would believe one was hearing an experienced violinist. He plays in tune, articulates clearly, and produces a full resonance with his violin, even abandoning himself to a captivating lyricism”, wrote La Presse music critic Claude Gingras the day after the Gala Concert in July of 2009.

News posted Thursday, March 18, 2010